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News Updates

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03/01/16 Registration is now over for the 2016 season.  To get on the waiting list please go to our Registration page and click on the "Waiting List" link in the left menu
NOTICE: We are looking for more people to join our Board of Directors. If you would like to help, please contact one of our board members for information

Town of Newburgh Little League Mission Statement

The objective of the Town of Newburgh Little League, shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger, and happier children and will grow to be decent, healthy, and trustworthy citizens.

To achieve this objective, the Town of Newburgh Little League will provide a supervised program of competitive baseball and softball games under the rules and policies of Little League Baseball, Incorporated


Town of Newburgh Little League History

The Town of Newburgh Little League was formed on June 26, 1968 but the first games were not played until May of 1969. That first year there were 164 kids playing on 4 Major League and 6 Minor League teams. In 1970, a Senior League was formed and then in 1976 the softball program was added.

For the first years, the league played on borrowed fields. Then in 1972, the league purchased 32 acres of land on Lakeside Road. Click here for Map. It took about 2 years to clear and level the land. All of the work was done by volunteers. On June 2, 1974 the complex was dedicated. It consisted of 4 fields and one concession stand. Three games were played that day and the fields have seen many, many games since that first day.

In the 1980's, our complex was host of the Eastern Regional Tournament games for the Major division of Little League. This is the age 11 - 12 group. The winner of these games went to the Little League World Series that are held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The complex also grew in size by adding three more fields and another building. There were two fields with 60' base paths and one field with 90' base paths.

The complex added an eighth field in 2002 for our TBall players. This field is smaller than all of our others and helps our youngest ball players learn the game of baseball and softball on a field suited to them.

The league - board members, volunteers, players - and the complex - fields, buildings - has undergone many changes since that first day but the one thing that has and will stay constant is that this is a program for the children of the Town of Newburgh Little League. They are the only reason why this program exists.


Volunteer To Help

We are an all volunteer organization and more help is always needed. If you would like to join or help out, see one of the board members and ask for details. 

Volunteering to help doesn't mean you're giving up your life. There are many small and/or one-time jobs that need done both during the season and during the off-season. Give what time you can and that means one less job that needs to be done by others. Contact any Board member or your team's coaches to sign-up.

What help is needed:

  • Concession Stand workers during the season
  • Field Work
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Umpires
  • Board Members
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Sponsors

The TONLL is an organization of volunteers. There are NO paid positions, except for umpires, and even then its just a token. Each person involved gives of their time and effort to make a positive experience for all the players of the league. The Board members spend great amounts of time year-round to administer and organize the league.
Coaching staffs also spend a huge amount of time in both the pre-season and season for practices and games. They are giving of their experience and time, please respect that sacrifice.
The umpires are not professionals, nor are they perfect. They're usually just kids or dads who love and respect the great game of baseball so much that they Ump just to be on the field. If we abuse them, they will eventually just go away


It's how you play the game!
It's how you watch the game!

Enjoy the Games and display good SPORTSMANSHIP!

  • Cheer in a positive manner
  • Exhibit respect for every player - your team and others
  • Exhibit respect for the umpires
  • Exercise dignified and appropriate behavior at all times

Baseball is a game.
All kids should play.
Some are better than others.
Everyone does his/her best.
Be a good sport.
Allow for mistakes.
Learn from them.
Let players have fun!

A note about Little league Rules: The rules of Little League vary in some few but significant ways from the baseball you see on TV. Please learn the Rules to better understand the game.

Coaches Expectations

What Does Your Coaching Staff Expect From You
  • To come and enjoy the games. Cheer to make ALL the players feel important.
  • To allow them to coach and run the team.
  • To try not to question their leadership and training. All those involved with the game will make mistakes. This includes the coaches.
  • Do not holler at the coaches, the players, or the umpires. We are all responsible for setting examples for our children. We must be the role models in society today. If we eliminate negative comments, the children will have an opportunity to play without any unnecessary pressures and will learn the value of good sportsmanship.
  • If you wish to question our strategies or leadership, please do not do so in front of the players or fans. Phone numbers are made available to you to call any time you have a concern. It will also be available if you wish to offer your services at practices. Help is always needed.

Parents Expectations

What You Should Expect From Your Coaching Staff
  • To be on time for all practices and games.
  • To be as fair as possible in giving equal time to all players.
  • To do their best to teach the fundamentals of the game.
  • To be positive and respect each child as an individual.
  • To set responsible expectations for each child and the season.
  • To teach players the value of winning and losing.
  • To never holler at any member of the team, the opposing team, or the umpires. Any confrontation in a respectful, quiet and individual manner.

Players Expectations

What is Expected of Parents
  • Attend your child's games
  • Be a supportive parent for the manager and team
  • Communicate with the manager only in appropriate ways
  • Cheer for all players on the teams
  • Be a positive role model
  • Be there for your child, whether successful or struggling for success
  • Respect and support league volunteers and umpires
  • Understand that the game is difficult to learn and play
  • Look for opportunities to work with your child on the basic skills of the game
  • Be positive and supportive whether your team wins or loses
  • Be a model of good sportsmanship
  • Never use negative comments to either team or players

Players Expectations

What is Expected of Coaches
  • Teach us the game of baseball / softball
  • Be supportive of all players regardless of skill level
  • Be fair with playing time for all players
  • Communicate with players and parents on improvement needs
  • Cheer for all players on the teams
  • Be a positive role model
  • Be there for your team, whether successful or struggling for success
  • Respect and support league volunteers and umpires
  • Understand that the game is difficult to learn and play
  • Be positive and supportive whether your team wins or loses
  • Be a model of good sportsmanship
  • Never use negative comments to either team or players